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Fundamental Integrated Site Appraisal Services Limited (FISAS) is a 100% Nigerian geo-data collection company that offers Integrated Site Assessments services to reduce engineering, geological and environmental complexities and risks associated with infrastructure development programmes in all sectors of the economy.

The paucity of environmental, geological, and engineering data in Nigeria’s infrastructure risk management is from poor early work planning. Consequently, using the One Oasis model, FISAS has assembled an experienced, inventive, and innovative multidisciplinary team of experts to collect, analyse and interpret these data to reduce infrastructure development complexities and risks.

The advantage of this FISAS One Oasis model to our clients; the Infrastructure Development Investors, Financiers, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Companies, is that it provides all the data required to plan and implement infrastructure development programs, under one roof, in one shop. It also reduces contracting time, contract management costs, data collection and interpretation errors, and implementation time.

FISAS quality data provides the basis for infrastructure planning, choosing the right location, early safeguard and sustainability works, design, and ground and EPC contractor risk management. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified process ensures that resources are adequate to meet client’s requirements and solve problems.

Our site appraisal services are relevant to the reduction of costs, risk, and complexities in the development of Social and Economic infrastructure, such as Roads, Railways and Bridges, Ports and Harbours, Airport Infrastructure, Buildings, Oil and Gas support Facilities, Pipelines, Dams, Industrial Plants, Power plants and associated facilities, etc. in marine and land environments.  

We are happy to partner with any of our clients for mutually profitable long-term growth.

Talk with FISAS about appraising your site for complexities and risk reduction.



This flowchart depicts FISAS sequential transformation of site investigations and appraisals information to strategic decisions. The processes involve using specialized equipment and software and intellectual properties to convert figures to data and knowledge. This unique process supports FISAS integrated Oasis Business Model.

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The Unique Benefits of Working with FISAS

  • We are equipped and trusted to provide high-quality data and information, even in a challenging environment.

  • The FISAS team requires minimal supervision while working in partnership with clients.

  • We take all your worries, no more multiple contracts for early works data collections.

  • The Soil Engineering, Geological, and Environmental Information experts are under one roof and offer holistic solutions to infrastructure development problems.

FISAS is  ISO 9001:2015 certified, with several recognitions for the safety and timely delivery of information.

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