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FISAS Environmental and Geotechnical Laboratory experts deliver meaningful geological and environmental data to manage risks and make informed decisions, with confidence, during infrastructural development projects and operations.


FISAS Laboratories and Field-Testing Specialists operate within ISO 17025 standards requirements and adopt the latest technology and procedures to deliver timely and accurate results to our clients in the infrastructure, oil and gas, power, mining, manufacturing, and government sectors.


FISAS extensive local knowledge, thoroughness, and quality management system ensure professional testing services at competitive rates.


Soil tests for engineering/geotechnical properties and determining soil’s suitability for construction include soil strength, density, compaction, erodibility, and sand content.   Environmental testing services cover soil, air, noise mapping, mineral rock and materials, effluents, contamination, organics, and water.

FISAS Testing Services:

  • Earthworks Supervision and Testings

  • Sand Search & Testing

  • Environmental Management Plan monitoring

  • Soil Compaction and stability Testing

  • Construction Materials Testing

  • Environmental sampling and Testing & Noise Mapping

  • Concrete and Asphalt Testing

  • Small Drill rigs and In-situ Testing Equipment hire

  • Mobile Laboratory Services

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