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Our Geotechnical Engineers or Engineering Geologists study soil and rocks physical properties to identify potential construction problems and evaluate distress to earthworks and structures caused by weakness or failure of subsurface materials to support sustainable infrastructure development programs. FISAS provides geotechnical investigations, consulting services, and coordinates geotechnical investigations during the early infrastructure development phase. FISAS team delivers targeted, timely, cost-effective geotechnical solutions to its clients. Our engineers and geologists use small and large-diameter borings, backhoe excavations, Cone Penetration Test (CPT) soundings, Continuous core rigs, and Laboratory analysis to understand the load-bearing capacity of the soil.  Soil reports with appropriate geotechnical recommendations for foundations, slabs, pavements, etc. are prepared for the client.

Our services include:

  • Geotechnical Expert Witness Services

  • Initial Site Investigation & Site Appraisal

  • Phase 1 Geotechnical Desk Study

  • Geological Assessments

  • Hydrogeological Characterization

  • Ground Investigation Design

  • Pipeline Route Evaluation, Ground Characterization, and Engineering Analysis

  • Ground Instrumentation and Monitoring

  • Mining, Dams, and Cavities Surveys

  • Geotechnical Database in GIS Format

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