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The FISAS Ground Engineering Geophysics team comprises specialists who apply various geophysical methods such as surface and borehole seismic, gravity, magnetic, electric, and electromagnetic tools in a non-destructive process to make the earth transparent.


We investigate small-scale features in the shallow subsurface to support Geotechnical and Environmental Investigations, Archaeology, Mineral Exploration, Military Intelligence, Hydrogeology, Forensic Investigations, and Asset Integrity Assessment.

Our Geophysics Services include:

  • Underground Utility Detection

  • Detection of Aquifer Depth

  • Voids/Cavity Detection

  • Pavement Evaluation

  • Contamination Detection and Landfill Mapping

  • Soil Profile and Engineering Properties

  • Soil Grounding/Earthing and Cathodic Potential

  • UXO and Forensic Investigation

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